Renewable energy is the key to create a carbon-neutral society in the future. The wind has been blowing on the face of Earth for more than millions of years. The energy potential of the wind has been used to produce electricity. During the early days, wind energy was used for irrigation purpose. Wind energy is quite an interesting topic to discuss. In the blog, I would be explaining wind energy in detail.

Wind Farms

What Is Wind? What Causes Wind?

Before understanding the meaning of wind energy, one must understand the meaning of wind and its cause. The wind is defined as the horizontal movement of air past…

When someone says the word Metropolitan City, what kind of thoughts would come up in your mind? The word Metropolitan City reminds me of the vibrant culture and the different kinds of people I meet daily. Maanagaram is a Tamil movie that released in the year 2017. The movie is directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj. This was his debut directorial venture. In this blog, I will be telling you the reasons why Maanagaram is arguably one of the best portrayal of a metropolitan city on the silver screen. This blog has many spoilers ahead.

Maanagaram Official Poster

The Backdrop And The Characters Of The Movie

The energy demand has been increasing day by day due to the increase in population and rapid industrialization. We have been predominantly dependent on fossil fuels like coal and crude oil as a source of energy to power the industries and residential areas since the industrial revolution. This has created a huge negative impact on the environment. Over the last three decades, there have been major investments in renewable sources of energy like solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy and hydropower to encourage a transition towards an eco-friendly source of energy. …

The Sustainable Development Goals(SDG) are popularly known as Global Goals. In the year 2015, all the UN member countries adopted these Seventeen UN SDGs as a universal call to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030. The 17 SDGs are dependent on each other. The SDGs aim to strike a balance in social, economic and environmental aspects. The SDGs have pledged to leave no one behind. They aim to create a world with zero poverty, hunger, AIDS and discrimination against women and girls. …

The automobile sector in India accounts for 49% of the manufacturing GDP and 7.1% of India’s GDP[1]. As a part of the Paris Agreement, India has been striving forward to reduce the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) per GDP by 33% — 35% over 2005 levels by 2030. In order to reach this goal, the government of India is keen to shift the transportation system towards electric vehicles (EVs). The EV market in India is anticipated to be valued at $2bn by 2030. In this article, the challenges for the EV Market In India would be discussed.

The EV Market In India

NASIR is a seventy-eight minute-long Tamil movie directed by Arun Karthick. It is a 2020 Tamil-drama movie and Indo-Dutch co-production between Stray Factory, Rinkel Film, Uncombed Buddha, Magic Hour Films, Colored Pickle film & Harman Venture. The film was premiered at the prestigious International Film Festival of Rotterdam in Tiger Competition. It was awarded the NETPAC award for the Best Asian Film at the International Film Festival of Rotterdam 2020. The film also received the Hubert Bals Fund in 2018. This film is based on Dilip Kumar’s short story titled “ A Clerk’s Story”

NASIR Fim Poster

The Backdrop And Characters of the Movie

Policy Drivers are considered as one of the key aspects that promote the growth and development of a business sector in a country. India has been ranked as the third-largest emitter of Greenhouse Gases after the USA and China. This has been a major concern that needs to be tackled. The central and the state governments have been working on innovative policies that have nurtured many leading and new companies that have started to work towards greener mobility systems. …

Being a cinephile, I have always seen cinema as a medium that can connect with an individual's soul. On a personal note, I see the cinema as a mirror that society can look at on the larger screen. During the lockdown, I decided to watch Rama Rama Re, a Kannada movie that released way back in 2016. In this blog, I am going to tell you what makes this movie so special that it deserves your attention.

Storyline (Without Spoilers)

The story revolves around the lives of a retired executioner, a death row convict, lovers from the neighbouring villages, a soldier and his…

The demand for renewable energy has been increasing by leaps and bounds. The world has been gearing up to embrace a sustainable way of life by reducing the carbon emissions to zero in all aspects. The serious steps are being undertaken by the governments all across the globe to increase the percentage of power generated by renewable sources of energy in the respective countries. In this blog, I would be highlighting the importance of Graphene in the renewable energy sector.

Graphene (The Miracle Material)


Introduction to Graphene

Graphene is a monolayer of carbon atoms tightly bound together in a hexagonal honeycomb lattice. It is an allotrope…

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